Suppliers alphabroder (UPIC: BRODER) and High Caliber Line (UPIC: HCL) have joined the Premier Group, a member-driven alliance of more than 75 suppliers and independent distributors dedicated to improving business relationships through networking and sharing best practices.

alphabroder, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, acquired Premier Group supplier member Bodek and Rhodes in December. Marc Held, the company’s vice president of sales, comments on the alphabroder/Bodek and Rhodes affiliation with the Premier Group. “We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with the Premier Group members and to fully introducing them to the alphabroder products and tools, and we look forward to continuing our significant role with the Premier Group,” he says.

Irwindale, California-headquartered High Caliber Line provides industry products and decorating techniques to group distributor members. Les Dorfman, the supplier’s vice president of sales and marketing, was part of the Premier Group when he owned supplier AITG and then when he served on the Visions team. Dorfman has also served on the Premier Group’s board and committees.

“I feel that I’m coming home now that I am back in the Premier Group,” he says. “I can't even begin to describe what a great feeling it is to be back home. Premier Blue is in my blood, and I know the membership will be very happy to have such a great company like High Caliber in the group.”

Mark Stewart, chairman of the Premier Group, adds, “It is great for our group to be able to add these outstanding industry leaders to our membership. We look forward to welcoming alphabroder and High Caliber Line to the Premier Group Network as well as maintaining our relationships with Marc and Les.”