Starline’s Jon Norris Named August’s PPB Volunteer Of The Month

August-Volunteer-Of-The-MonPPAI recognizes Jon Norris, vice president at supplier Starline USA, Inc. in Grand Island, New York, as the August PPB Volunteer of the Month. The honor celebrates those individuals who have dedicated their time to the progress and fulfilling the charge of a committee, advisory group, work group or task force on which they serve. Norris serves as chair of the PPAI Technology Committee and was named a PPB Rising Star in 2014. He was nominated by Paul Elfstrom, PPAI director of information technology, and staff liaison to the Technology Committee.

“We’re extremely fortunate to work with a volunteer like Jon,” says Elfstrom. “He dedicates a tremendous amount of time and effort in his role as Technology Committee Chair. His contributions to the success of the 2015 PPAI Technology Summit were outstanding and that's just one of many projects he has helped to drive. It's clear he has a passion for what he does in every respect.  He generates ideas, enjoys collaboration, he's focused on results, and he's a great leader and role model for others. It's truly been a pleasure to work with him.”

The PPAI Technology Committee is responsible for providing technology-related education and guidance to PPAI staff and members to enable a more efficient industry. The Association’s annual Technology Summit, which was held in Nashville, Tennessee, August 11-12, is a direct result of that commitment. The idea was generated by the committee, and members of the Technology Summit Workgroup actively plan and participate in the event. The second annual PPAI Technology Summit was sold out drawing more than 80 attendees including company owners, C-level executives both in and outside of IT, IT directors and senior IT management, along with many other industry IT professionals.

“Immediately following the 2015 PPAI Technology Summit, Jon sent out a list of ideas for 2016,” says Elfstrom. “He said he was thinking about it while he was doing chores around his house. That tells you the level of commitment Jon has to the future success of the event. Even in his spare time he's generating new ideas for the group. Not long after that email, he sent another email complimenting the Technology Committee members for their outstanding work on the summit. Jon is always looking for opportunities to recognize the committee. The group plays an important role in our success and he wants to make sure they get credit for their accomplishments. That's great leadership! Recognize the people that work hard for you. You can easily see the qualities that make him a great volunteer and leader.”

Next year’s PPAI Technology Summit will be held in San Francisco, California on August 17-18. More information on the 2016 event can be found here as it comes available.

PPAI is looking for the next PPB Volunteer of the month. The Association is looking for:

  • Current members of a committee, task force or advisory group.
  • Someone who demonstrates an exemplary level of volunteer contribution.
  • Someone who is a positive example to others.
  • Constructive and positive contributors to volunteer activities.
  • Excellent collaborators.
  • Someone who demonstrates knowledge of the topics and work.
  • Someone who presents themselves as a positive influence in their interaction with the group.

Nominations may be submitted by current members of a committee, advisory group, work group or task force, as well as by PPAI board members or PPAI current staff. The nominations will be forwarded to PPB magazine. Those selected for inclusion as PPB Volunteer of the Month will be announced and featured in a PPAI publication as well as the quarterly Volunteer Newsletter.

Nominations open the first of each month and close on the 15th. To nominate a current volunteer, complete the nomination form here.

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Jim Franklyn, InkHead
August 30, 2015

congrats Jon! Well deserved, you are passionate about our industry staying current and doing what we need to do technologically to get there !

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