Sock Club (PPAI 692671), a supplier based in Austin, Texas, has partnered with New York City’s Delivering Good, a nonprofit specializing in distributing new product donations from companies in the fashion, home and children’s industries. This partnership is intended to be an ongoing relationship, and Sock Club has pledged to donate at least 3,000 pairs of socks each quarter to Delivering Good.

Sock Club product donations will be helping Delivering Good to achieve their annual goal of collecting one million pairs of socks to help children and families in need, including those affected by the California wildfires and people affected by the destruction caused by hurricanes in the Caribbean last year.

“We have been supporting small, local organizations around the country for years, but we were looking to make more of an impact,” says Noah Lee, co-founder of Sock Club. “We know how to make the highest quality, coolest socks, but we don’t know how to identify where they will do the most good. For that, we needed to bring in the experts. This new partnership with Delivering Good will do just that.”

Sock Club and Delivering Good began their partnership after Chloe Ayres, marketing manager for Sock Club, learned about Delivering Good through a variety of disaster relief initiatives. She says, “When Hurricane Harvey hit last year, we wanted to help our fellow Texans. We had 10,000 pairs of socks ready to go the day after the hurricane, and it took me three weeks to find someone that would take them. Delivering Good is a nonprofit partner that hustles to get the job done, and that is what Sock Club is as a company. It seemed like a natural fit.”

Sock Club will still be supporting local and national organizations across the country. “We still want to help and make a difference in people’s hometowns,” adds Dane Jensen, co-founder. “We will continue to donate subscriptions to local organizations for fundraising, and we will still offer our special nonprofit pricing on our custom socks. We will be referring sock donation requests to Delivering Good so that those organizations can be on the list for other types of aid as well. This partnership is not about limiting our reach, it is about maximizing our impact.”