Social Media Marketers' Metrics Fail To Line Up With Goals

Marketers’ social media measurements aren’t lining up with the goals they’re after. In researching its 2016 State of Social Marketing Report, social analytics firm Simply Measured found that engagement—likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc.—is a marketer’s go-to metric for measuring the success of social media marketing, when what they really want to determine is ROI.

The Simply Measured survey found that 56 percent of the 350 social media marketers they surveyed listed engagement metrics as the tool they use most often to measure the success of social media. This is ahead of conversion and revenue (20.7 percent), amplification and brand awareness (15 percent), customer service (2.3 percent) and customer satisfaction metrics (1.7 percent).

Asked to name the biggest challenge for social marketers, 61.1 percent of respondents listed measuring ROI. It comes ahead of securing budget and resources for social (38.2 percent), tying social to business goals (33.6 percent), tracking results on a centralized dashboard (27.6 percent), understanding performance across social channels (25.2 percent) and developing a social strategy (25.2 percent). The survey found that only 9.4 percent could quantify social’s revenue.

To read more on Simply Measured’s findings and to download the report, click here.

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