The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regularly issues recalls as problems with products in the market arise. While no recent recalls have involved items specifically in the promotional products industry, the CPSC’s recall listings are illustrative of what the commission is looking for.

In recent weeks, the CPSC has flagged a number of products for battery-related issues:

On April 19, Bruton Outdoors recalled battery packs due to fire hazard.

On April 12, Coleman recalled flashlights due to a fire hazard stemming from their lithium-ion batteries.

On March 30, Toshiba recalled laptop computer battery packs due to burn and fire hazards.

The CPSC has also issued a number of recalls for toys in response to dangers they posed to children:

On April 19, Flying Tiger Copenhagen recalled wooden toys due to a choking hazard.

On April 15, Miniland Educational recalled its Moogy plush toy due to a choking hazard.

On April 7, IKEA recalled its children’s bat cape costumes due to a strangulation hazard.

On March 31, Manhattan Toy recalled table-top toys due to a choking hazard.

Stay current with the CPSC’s regularly updated listing of its issued recalls, maintained on the commission’s website. A link to the CPSC’s recent recalls is also a permanent part of every issue of PPB Newslink in the industry references on the right-hand side of the template.