The Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), an independent, nonprofit accreditation organization dedicated to helping promotional products companies provide safe and responsibly sourced products, has expanded its Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC) with the addition of Sydney, Nova Scotia-based Ethical Swag, Inc. (PPAI 451513).

The DAC mission is to elevate the standards by which firms that import and/or manufacture products are consistently delivering safe, high-quality, socially-compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise. It works with QCA accredited suppliers and end buyers of promotional products to form new levels of collaboration to effectively ensure supply chain transparency and control that protects brand reputations.

“We actually began discussions before our launch because our values align very closely with the work of QCA,” says Tara Milburn, owner of Ethical Swag. “Our entire business is built on ensuring products are sourced responsibly. It is important for us to align ourselves with organizations that have shared objectives and to be a collective voice for social compliance, product safety and environmental stewardship.”

Ethical Swag joined QCA after the organization’s new participation model debuted in January. Tim Brown, MAS, QCA’s executive director of operations, says, “When the announcement was made, Tara said she couldn’t wait to participate. An entire business developed around providing ethical branded merchandise couldn’t be a better match. The team at Ethical Swag understands that corporate responsibility, sustainability and brand safety are no longer secondary concerns for businesses, brands and organizations. They are meeting these demands head-on and creating a successful business for themselves.”

Milburn adds, “Collectively, we can raise awareness and support suppliers and distributors that are focused on ensuring our industry is part of the solution (and not the problem) when it comes to social and environmental reform. It is important that we are all accountable. In essence, this is our baseline for doing business.”