Participating in charity fundraisers during the holiday season, Proforma’s Worldwide Support Center in Cleveland, Ohio, collected donations to help women, children and families in the local area. Each donation was brought in by employees to support three fundraisers: a pack-a-purse program, an adopt-a-family program and a food drive.

The pack-a-purse donations were collected in November for Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center and WomenSafe to help support women and children transitioning from abusive situations. The distributor reports that the amount of donations brought in for this fundraiser exceeded expectations. Employees packed 20 purses full of items such as hair brushes, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other necessary items to donate, doubling the amount expected.

“The amount of donations that we’ve received for the Pack-a-Purse fundraiser has been amazing,” says says Vera Muzzillo, Proforma’s CEO. “Over 20 purses packed! It’s incredible to not only meet but exceed the goals we had set for this year. It is truly such a great feeling to be a part of something so special and I want to personally thank all of the employees who donated to our Pack-a-Purse program.”

Earlier this month, Proforma’s adopt-a-family fundraiser was held in support of a family with five children. Proforma team members took wish list gift tags from their office Christmas tree and purchased gifts for the family. Every gift tag on the tree was taken and the associated gifts were purchased for the family. Toys, clothes, board games and other items were collected as presents for the family to open and enjoy during the holidays. In addition to the collection of gifts, Proforma also raised $250 to purchase a gift card for the family.

The third community event involved working with the South Hill Lend-a-Hand food drive. Proforma started collecting donations in November and is continuing the initiative through the end of this month..

“It’s so wonderful to see the amount of donations from our employees for these three fundraisers. Thank you to everyone who donated this holiday season,” adds Kathy Mayo, Proforma director of human resources.