The selection of innovative, standout products showcased in PPAI’s Expo Direct-2-You Product Pavilion are categorized under four headings at this year’s show—Green, PPE, Made in USA and New Products—but one of the underlying trends linking them all together seems to be “Eat, Drink and Be Cozy.” Across all four categories are comfortable, feel-good items that end users can utilize at home and take with them on the go. Here’s a few unique products PPB’s editors spotted on the virtual show floor.

Nothing beats delicious barbecue, and it's even better when you're able to pack up your grill and take it with you. The Weber Traveler Grill from Weber-Stephen Products, LLC in New Products, is the perfect addition to a picnic, tailgate and camping trip, even if it’s in the backyard. And while they’re at it, end users can bring along their Smart Meat Thermometer from Hirsch Gifts, also in New Products, to prepare burgers and steak to perfection. It’s a wireless thermometer with a 33-foot range that connects to an app and allows grillers to select a meat and how they’d like it cooked, and the app will tell them how long it needs to cook (with a timer), and its internal, target and ambient temperatures.

When end users are in the mood for a chilled glass of wine at dinner, they can reach for a green product with a story behind it. Under Made in USA, the Nesting Carafe and Glass Set by Refresh Glass is made from recycled wine bottles and was featured in Inc. Magazine as one of the “7 Client Gifts That Will Make Your Company Unforgettable.” Or if a fresh cup of coffee is more their style, they can use their Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker 12 oz from Hirsch Gift. When they’re ready to pack up for a day at the beach or park, or for long car rides, end users can grab the Deluxe 40 Cans Cooler / Trunk Organizer from Continental Marketing Services, Inc., which carries up to 50 pounds with enough pockets to house food, drinks, snacks and everything in between. These are showcased in New Products. And to clean up messes along the way, they can use the Swed-ISH Dishcloth from Jornik Manufacturing Corp., a reusable and sustainable option that replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels; see it under Green.

When end users are ready to settle in, bundle up at home and engage in self-care, they can reach for their Sustainabalm from Raining Rose, made from responsible-sourced materials and housed in recycled post-consumer plastics, under Green, and de-stress (while supporting safe practices using) their Cool PPE Emoji Squeezie® Stress Reliever from Alpi International. Then, they can nestle under their Riviera Towel Co.’s Whistler Fleece Wrap Throw, a handmade blanket with a thick fleece backing made from plastic bottles that were regenerated into lush polyester fibers, under Green, and sliding into their cozy Custom Printed Fuzzy Slippers from Sock101; see it at New Products.