When teamwork between suppliers and distributors is in sync, it spells smooth success and a triumphant outcome for all parties involved, including the buyer. In its annual search, PPB asked readers to nominate suppliers and distributors who showcase the industry’s best examples of superb teamwork.

This year’s top five were selected for their ability to provide clear communications, timely follow-up, overcome challenges and impress the end buyer with a quality promotion. Congratulations to this year’s PPB Powerful Partners:

Vicki Clayman, Partners N Promotion

Chad Edmonson, Journalbooks/Timeplanner Calendars

Mary Foley, Hit Promotional Products

Gary and Ginny Semrow, American Ad Bag

Carmela Wagner, Jack Nadel International

Read more about them, including what it takes to form such vital partnerships, in the December issue of PPB magazine.