The Promotional Products Association Southwest (PPAS) has secured a partnership with PromoHunt, a technology company serving the promotional products industry. In the partnership, PromoHunt’s browser extension software will automatically display helpful information when PPAS distributors visit supplier websites.

“This partnership with PromoHunt will allow us to increase the value of our member benefits by giving distributors tools that can help save them time and money,” says Mark Corscadden, president of the PPAS board of directors.

After PPAS distributor members download PromoHunt's browser extension, their toolbar will display a small icon at the bottom of the screen if a PPAS coupon is available when they visit a supplier’s website, and they can access its details with a click.

"In the past, PPAS coupons were one of the most sought after, but underutilized member benefits—they were out of sight and out of mind. Through our partnership, PPAS members can access coupons without leaving participating supplier websites. Better coupon utilization can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars and easily cover the cost of membership,” says PromoHunt Founder Tony Wavering.