PPAI Welcomes GSD&M Founder Roy Spence As NALC’s Opening Speaker

Roy Spence, founder and chairman of GSD&M Advertising, is NALC 2017's opening general session speaker. Follow him on Twitter @RoySpence

Roy Spence, founder and chairman of GSD&M Advertising, and CEO of the Purpose Institute, will be the opening general session speaker at the PPAI 2017 North American Leadership Conference (NALC) August 13-15, at the Four Season Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Spence’s presentation focuses on strategic foresight, currently a hot topic in the business world. He will share key insights and lessons from the leaders he’s worked up close and personal with over the years, and present actionable ideas to inform making decisions that build business success. Audience members can expect a session that explores core values and purpose, and how these impact the difference an organization makes locally, nationally, globally.

For more information on NALC and to register, and to view a video from Spence on his background and his core message of strategic foresight, click here.


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