Last week, PPAI Government Relations Manager Joseph Landeros attended the National Conference of State Legislators in Chicago, Illinois, in an effort to continue building on the Association’s state level outreach and legislative development. The legislative summit attracted more than 5,000 attendees from the U.S.and abroad, with eight other countries represented, including South Africa, Nigeria and The Virgin Islands. The summit offers a forum to exchange ideas and learn different viewpoints, and find to solutions to pressing issues that countries are facing today.

“The event brought individuals together who may have differences of opinion, but who are interested in achieving a common ground,” says Landeros. “This is something that is not seen anywhere else in our legislative process. The event truly allows for an open dialogue for the sole purpose of finding common solutions to complex issues at the state level. With the positive atmosphere experienced at the summit between members of both parties, the event highlights a need to continue our work to share with state officials the use and value of our industry.”

From transportation and natural resources to taxes and the economy, no issue was left on the table. Many of the issues discussed included legislative initiatives from the federal government that now have broad implications and impact on state legislatures. These were issues that PPAI has made efforts to influence as well, including the Department of Labor’s new overtime exemption rules and, most recently, the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act.

Landeros adds, “A highlight for me was a discussion on the drive for smart regulation compared to the costs incurred by businesses. Government may have too broad of a stroke when implementing new regulations.”