PPAI’s Industry Branding Initiative Signs On Public Relations Agency

In May, the PPAI Board of Directors approved the Association’s Industry Branding Initiative, a five-year plan to position promotional products as a top-of-mind and preferred advertising and marketing tool among professionals responsible for branding, advertising, media planning and media buying. In one of the first concrete steps of the plan, PPAI has selected Saxum as its agency of record for the initiative.

PPAI developed the branding initiative aided by research on buyer purchasing habits and preferences, and in collaboration with industry leaders, PPAI’s Public Relations Advisory Group and the Chairman’s Roundtable Work Group. Oklahoma City-based Saxum will work with PPAI to implement an integrated communications plan including strategic brand positioning, media relations, integrated creative content and a paid media campaign launching the promotional products industry’s first cohesive awareness and branding initiative.

“PPAI chose Saxum because of its unique approach to integrated communications, which we are confident will complement and enhance our ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the industry among promotional products buyers and the media,” says Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI president and CEO. “As we continue to work toward bringing the industry together under one mission, one purpose, and one voice, partnering with Saxum will help us meet the challenges of the market and create a powerful voice for the industry.

“Our industry represents one of the oldest forms of branding and advertising; we are sixth among traditional and digital advertising expenditures, and we are the eighth-fastest-growing medium, but many marketers and advertising agencies have yet to take full advantage of promotional products,” adds Bellantone. “PPAI and Saxum will work together to drive key messaging and elevate the fact that promotional products deliver the highest rate of reach, recall and response among major forms of advertising.”

Along with national and trade media outreach, Saxum will work with PPAI and the promotional products industry to develop the industry’s first multimedia evidence-based promotional products case study campaign library as a resource to media and buyers.

“As an integrated marketing communications firm, we understand the importance of identifying and maximizing all of the marketing tools that make up a balanced campaign, and that includes promotional products,” says C. Renzi Stone, founder and CEO of Saxum. “We’re excited about working with PPAI to expand understanding of how and why promotional products should be critical and strategic components of every organization’s marketing strategy, right from the start.”

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Al Kernan (retired)
December 11, 2015

First, in isolation this is an exciting and good thing in many ways. But second, in proper perspective, the painfully slow timeline is one of many indicators it is -- because it is a typical 'non profit' undertaking -- not nearly exciting or good enough. * It is no doubt a reaction to the urgent Internet age threats to the industry, which (another indicator of it's not being good enough) is not even mentioned in the less than inspirational release (no 'rally' call here, another indicator). * Not for nothing, why is there no mechanism for members to share their feedback with staff and fellow members alike, and why is there no link to the new PPAI partner firm's website, and why is there not more details on the timeline, etc, of the plan, or is that going to happen after another six months go by? * In sum, nice job by PPAI, but also typical association productivity, and clearly not nearly enough by itself to get the URGENT job done that needs doing for the industry at large. Submitted with respect and concern. Al Kernan

John Michael Hudicka CAS
December 10, 2015

Just as a digital device is now carried by amost every person 24/7/365... advertisers would be hard pressed to find anyone, without one, if not multiple logoed promotional products on a person at all times.
If it's for me, and free, the mass general public's gotta have it!
Props to PPAI for promoting the cost-effective benefits of this long-time advertising medium.
In a crowded market of media choices, even advertisers need reminding of what really works, promoting their brands' visibility and accessibity, amidst targeted markets and buyers.
PPAI continues its mission to articulate, educate, motivate & translate advertisers' messages, again and again...

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