PPAI’s Board Election Has Reopened Through October 20

The PPAI Board election reopened on October 5 for members to consider supplier board nominee, Andrew Spellman, senior vice president and general manager at supplier The Magnet Group, for a four-year term on the board. The election runs through October 20, with results of the vote available in late October.

The election’s first round was completed in September and resulted in the selection of distributor candidate Noah Lapine, president and owner of distributor Lapine Associates, Inc., who will begin his four-year term in January 2021. However, the supplier candidate did not garner the requisite number of votes for approval. As a result, PPAI governance requires the presentation of a second candidate in the same membership category for the membership’s consideration. Spellman was recommended by the Elected Directors Nominating Committee and approved by the PPAI Board of Directors, as the alternate supplier director for the 2021-2025 term, based on the skillset he will bring to the board.

The voting member of each PPAI member company will have an opportunity to approve this recommendation. For more information on the election, click here.

PPAI hosted a town hall-style webinar on October 1 to give members an opportunity to get to know Spellman. The free webinar is currently available for on-demand viewing. View the webinar by clicking here.

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