PPAI’s Affinity Program provides value-added products and services to the Association’s member companies. The program is regularly reviewed and updated, and two affinity partners are leaving it as of October 31.

Promotional Capital (PPAI 429210) will continue to provide financing services to the promotional products industry, although the PPAI Working Capital program it manages is coming to an end. Association members are encouraged to continue working with their preferred vendors. Anyone currently working with Promotional Capital or interested in working with them can contact the company at 216-595-6969 or visit www.promotionalcapital.com.

PPAI is no longer sponsoring free 15-minute consultations with Paley Rothman Attorneys at Law. Members are encouraged to continue working with their preferred vendors and if interested in retaining Paley Rothman’s law services, to visit www.paleyrothman.com.

To learn more about the PPAI Affinity Program, click here.