PPAI has tapped 25 distributors as finalists for the Association’s 2017 Pyramid Awards. The PPAI Pyramid Awards recognize members that have demonstrated outstanding, creative use of promotional products to deliver effective, results-oriented initiatives for a variety of client programs and campaigns.

The presentation of the 2017 PPAI Pyramid Awards will take place on January 10, 2017, at The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas during the PPAI Awards Presentation & Reception. Tickets to the event can be purchased when registering for the show.

The 2017 PPAI Pyramid Award Competition finalists are:

Adwerk Communications, an iPROMOTEu Affiliate (UPIC: IPRO9320)

Axis Promotions (UPIC: axispromo)

Bamko Promotional Items (UPIC: Bamko783)

Chilli Promotions (UPIC: Chilli)

Club Colors Buyer, LLC (UPIC: CLUBCO)

Distinctive Promotions, Inc. (UPIC: DIST0005)

E Group, Inc. (UPIC: egrpinc)

Edventure Promotions, Inc. (UPIC: EDVENTUR)

EPromos Promotional Products (UPIC: EPROMOS)

Geiger (UPIC: geiger)

Grapevine Designs, LLC (UPIC: Grape238)

HALO Branded Solutions (UPIC: HBS)

Image Builders (UPIC: IMAGE007)

Image Source, Inc. (UPIC: IMAGESCE)

Jae Associates Ltd. (UPIC: J561178)

Pica Marketing Group (UPIC: EZGREEN)

Positive Impressions, Inc. (UPIC: 1944)

Progressive Promotions, Inc. (UPIC: PPIPROMO)

Promotions 'N Motion/AIA (UPIC: 1921)

Propel Promotions, LLC (UPIC: PROPEL)


Summit Group, LLC (UPIC: summit)

Sunrise Identity (UPIC: Sunri635)


The Vernon Company (UPIC: Vernon)