Jornik Manufacturing Corp. (PPAI 111065) has announced that the Stamford, Connecticut-based supplier’s ownership is transitioning from founders Jacquie and Peter Herz to their daughter Jordie Freedman, the company’s president, and their son-in-law Rory Freedman, its treasurer and secretary.

“Jordie has been working with us since 1999. She has been living and breathing this promotional product industry her whole life,“ says Jacquie Herz. “Jordie and her husband Rory are exceptionally well equipped to take what we started and make it thrive. We know they understand our original dream and they have learned our culture through osmosis. We were their age when we started Jornik. There is no one better equipped to guide Jornik into the future. We are very excited to watch them and give them all the help we can,” she further explained.”

Nothing has changed operationally at Jornik, so the ownership transition will not have any impact on distributors or the company’s vendors. The Herzes will remain available to provide guidance as needed.

Jordie Freedman says, “Rory and I are very lucky to have a solid foundation to build upon. Everything we do from this point is only possible because of Jacquie and Peter’s hard-work and perseverance. As we start the next chapter here at Jornik, Rory and I, as well as our amazing Jornik team members, will remain focused on industry-leading product design and development, expertise in safety and social compliance, standout personal service and outstanding imprinting capabilities. We are all confident that Jornik’s future will be as fundamentally creative as the past 25 years.”