HPG Brands’ Johnson, Morin Lead Three-Part Virtual Meditation Program

HPG Brands is presenting a three-part, live virtual event, “Peace Amongst The Chaos,” for all industry professionals. Hosted by Charley Johnson and Alex Morin of HPG Brands, the virtual meditation program is intended to help promo products professionals learn how to experience inner peace and calm in their lives, different meditation techniques and the mechanics behind how each work.

The presentation series provides simple explanations of the different types of meditation currently being used in the West. Attendees will better understand how they can benefit from each, and which practice helps them evolve and transcend past their self-limiting mind, fears and attachments. This event is free and available to anyone in the industry who would like to learn more about the power of meditation. Friends and family members are free to join in as well.

Episode one, to be held on July 29 at 1 pm ET, will educate listeners on the different forms of meditation, how they work and how they help, their benefits, how to get started and more. Episode two, to be held August 5 at 3 pm ET, takes a deeper dive into meditation, and explores what participants should feel during meditation and how long until they see results, among other subjects. The third episode, to be held August 13 at 3:30 pm ET, will cover consciousness, what practitioners can expect as they get more settled into their routines, advanced techniques and more.

For more information on the “Peace Amongst The Chaos” program and to register, click here.

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