HanesBrands has announced updates to its Hanes4Education program, a fundraising initiative that enables K‐12 schools to earn cash rebates from orders of Hanes, Champion, Alternative and ComfortWash apparel in the print-wear market. Where the program originally paid rebates on end‐user purchases from suppliers, beginning August 1 the program is rewarding supplier purchases from wholesalers, allowing suppliers to support schools in their local communities. Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based HanesBrands participates in the promotional products industry as suppliers Hanes/Champion/ComfortWash (PPAI 191138, S10) and Alternative Apparel (PPAI 217134, S5).

“Our industry has evolved, and doing good has become intrinsic to how many of us do business,” says Michael Johnson, marketing director for HanesBrands Activewear. “We also know that together we can do great things. We’ve listened to just how important local support is for printers and PPDs, and we realized we could help them play a larger role in their communities. We achieve that by elevating the program to focus exclusively on rebates for supplier purchases from wholesalers.”

Printers and distributors who order apparel in bulk from wholesalers for embellishment can earn cash rebates paid to K‐12 schools of their choice. Schools earn cash ($0.10 per piece of apparel), so just one 10,000 shirt order can earn $1,000 for a school. Each school can earn up to $5,000 per calendar year. To date, Hanes4Education has donated more than $1 million to schools in the U.S.

“The process is easy,” adds Johnson. “You order and decorate our apparel. We send cash to a school of your choice. Schools use the money as needed—new computers, field trips, tutoring programs, books.”

The program includes printed t‐shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and joggers ordered by suppliers for their customer orders, including apparel for events, team uniforms, corporate apparel, work shirts and sorority and fraternity apparel.

“Everyone wants to do good, and we’re to committed making that possible for decorators and PPDs in as many ways as we can,” says Johnson. “Our products are made sustainably and responsibly, so you’re already doing great there. Now you can direct cash donations to support your local schools—and we’ll help you showcase your donations.”