Global Digital Advertising Forecast To Surpass $285 Billion By 2020

By 2020, global digital advertising, including mobile and wearable devices, is expected to exceed $285 billion, up from $160 billion in 2016. Research and analytics provider Juniper Research attributes its findings to brands and retailers’ continued investment in mobile consumer engagement, driving 22 percent annual growth in mobile and wearable advertising spending.

“Publishers such as Facebook are utilizing their unprecedented audience knowledge to offer advertisers highly accurate targeting, thereby increasing the click-through rates that advertisers are witnessing now,” says Sam Barker, research author.

Juniper Research’s Worldwide Digital Advertising: 2016-2020 report expects improved audience targeting to overcome the increasing ubiquity of ad blockers and drive higher click-through rates and increase revenues. Juniper expects that publishers who offer the most efficient targeting are set to become the most popular amongst advertisers. The report also notes that ad revenues will further benefit from faster real time bidding processes.

Juniper Research’s white paper, “Digital Advertisers vs The Ad Blockers,” can be downloaded here.

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