OneSource powered by DistributorCentral (PPAI 220404) has announced that Tervis Tumbler Company’s PromoStandards API is now available. The Gardner, Kansas-based business services company marks the development as a crucial milestone for OneSource in its mission to make PromoStandards available to all suppliers, distributors and service providers in the industry.

OneSource is designed to advance the industry’s adoption of PromoStandards. Over the next several weeks, OneSource expects to help hundreds of suppliers achieve PromoStandards with the intention that every DistributorCentral supplier will do so by 2021. OneSource was able to create and host PromoStandards web services for Product Data, Pricing and Configuration Data, and Media on behalf of Tervis Tumbler Company. The data conversion process took only a few days and minimal effort from the supplier to complete.

“We knew we needed to accomplish PromoStandards data for our customer and business partners,” says Michael Van Beck, senior director at Tervis Tumbler Company. “However, it was a large and resource-consuming project. We were overjoyed to have an elegant solution provided by DC for PromoStandards integration.”

Tiffany Tarr, vice president of sales at DistributorCentral, adds, “PromoStandards is an important advancement within the promotional products industry to reduce friction within the supply chain. DistributorCentral recognized that the majority of industry suppliers did not have the technical resources to achieve PromoStandards. We were able to dedicate our team to help move the entire industry forward with OneSource.”