Atlantis Headwear (PPAI 753003, S1), headquartered in Venice, Italy, is now distributing in North America through Sportsman Cap & Bag.

“Our goal is to provide high-quality sustainable fabrics with creative design and timely professionalism,” says Federico Pasini, Atlantis Headwear brand and sales director. “At Atlantis, we are headwear-makers with a passion. We are pleased to partner with Sportsman Cap & Bag, a company that shares our passion to explore sustainable efforts.”

Founded in 1995, Atlantis Headwear produces sustainable products through a commitment to reduce the waste of natural resources.

“We’re focused on long-term sustainability goals at Sportsman Cap & Bag,” says Dan Saferstein, president. “For 25 years, Atlantis has set the standard for sustainable headwear. Partnering with this eco-friendly brand allows us to provide a better selection and inspiration to our industry.”