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Turn Up The Effectiveness Of Your Meetings – January 26, 2016

Promotional Consultant Today shares a look at the event presentation lifecycle, a formal process designed to help improve speaker skills and presentation quality, therefore improving event effectiveness and ROI. Read More »

Are You Making The Right Decision? – January 25, 2016

There are times when we all face tough decisions in our lives. Sometimes we have to make these decisions on the spur of the moment, sometimes we have to go with our gut and sometimes we resort to the cold, hard facts. No matter the case, you may question your own rationale and worry that your final decision may not be wise. Read More »

Easy Fixes For More Engaging Town Halls – January 22, 2016

As a communications director, my stomach aches every time I hear these two words: Town Hall. It seems most executives I’ve worked with over the years think that town halls are the answer to connecting to employees. It’s often a “to-do” item; a checklist box. But town halls have the tendency to be one-sided lectures. To makes these sessions engaging a relevant for the organization, try these eight tips in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today. Read More »

Tackle Change Before It Tackles You, Part 2 – January 21, 2016

Yesterday, Promotional Consultant Today shared five key tips from three business consultants on how to tackle change management. In today’s issue, we share five more. Read More »

Tackle Change Before It Tackles You – January 20, 2016

Today and tomorrow, Promotional Consultant Today shares these tips for tackling change in your organization from three seasoned business consultants. Read More »

Create An Inclusive Workplace Environment – January 19, 2016

With all these resources being put toward increasing diversity, why have most organizations not achieved the change they seek? Here’s what you need to know about diversity and inclusion in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today. Read More »

2016 Sales Kick-Off Meeting Ideas – January 18, 2016

Promotional Consultant Today shares these tips for planning a sales kick-off event. Read More »

Post-Show Power – January 14, 2016

Promotional Consultant Today shares these wrap-up tips to ensure you get the most mileage— and ROI— from your trade-show experience. Read More »

Camping Out In Your Customer’s Mind – January 13, 2015

The PPAI Expo is experiencing a fantastic run in Las Vegas this week. If you’re one of the thousands of distributors at the show, you are probably getting ready to head out to start your day but first take a moment, grab a cup of coffee and read this edition of Promotional Consultant Today. Read More »

What’s Cookin’? – January 12, 2015

Have you heard the expression “too many cooks in the kitchen?” Well, in this case, lots of cooks are welcome. We’re talking about the marketing talents showcased through PromoKitchen—a volunteer-driven group of promotional products professionals who share their knowledge through blogs, podcasts, live events and more. Read More »

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