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What Smartphone Use Really Says About You

The other night my husband and I were having dinner at a nice restaurant, when we noticed another couple at the table next to us deep in conversation—through texts on their phones. I’m pretty sure they were talking to different … Read More »

Deserving Causes

Though often under the radar, there is no end to the work of nonprofits Don’t you wish every campaign you produce for clients could have the unparalleled success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? The viral phenomenon had people all … Read More »

When To Hire A PR Firm

Should your company hire a public relations agency—and if so, at what point do you need one? It’s a question that’s often debated because there are a number of schools of thought about how companies can get the most bang … Read More »

Look Forward, Not Back

A New, Proven Way To Achieve Your Sales Goals We’ve learned a lot about sales management over the years and have made many mistakes. The most important things we have learned, though, come down to the tools—not tools like computers … Read More »

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Responsible Sourcing And Procurement Sends Clients A Powerful Message It has been interesting reading the approach from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply in terms of its call for a professional “licence to practice” to protect the public. Following … Read More »

You Look Scent-sational!

Fragrant fashion paves a path to health and happiness Whether you see it as a practical necessity or something out of science fiction, wearable scent technology is on the horizon. Scientists and retailers are exploring the idea that custom scents, … Read More »

When A Shipment Goes Horribly Wrong

A Distributor Asks: A supplier shipped a sample directly to us instead of to our customer, as requested. It was a good thing because they inserted literature from our competitor offering a discount. A month later, the same thing happened with a … Read More »

Sensory Media

Discover the way to anchor your brand and be memorable. Three years ago I was introduced to a group of advertising students at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, as their guest speaker, the chief inspiration officer of a promotional marketing … Read More »

It Pays To Go Native

Why purchasing American-made apparel is good for business. If you’ve worked in the industry for much time at all, you may believe purchasing apparel produced stateside is rarely necessary. Unless you’re working on a government contract or helping choose items … Read More »

Debunking The Myths About Selling Premiums & Incentives

First In A Two-Part Series If you sell imprinted t-shirts, drinkware, pens, electronics and other standard promotional products day in and day out to your clients but shy away from offering brand-name merchandise and incentive items because you don’t understand … Read More »

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