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Warning: Self Promotion Leads To More Sales

There’s an old joke about small-business owners having to do everything in the company—right down to being the cook and bottle washer. The fact is, it’s true. And ironically, like the cobbler’s barefoot children, you spend all your time crafting … Read More »

Are You Too Successful? The Jerry McGuire Syndrome

It’s the last day of the month and Sheila Johnson is sitting at her computer, filling out the performance recap required from every salesperson in her company. And inputting the final numbers, she’s all smiles—she’s just calculated her closure rate, … Read More »

Write The Right RFP

“I’m not happy until you’re not happy.” I once heard a purchasing agent make this statement, which really says how he views promotional products—as a commodity to be obtained at the lowest price. Price may be the premise of some … Read More »

How (And Why) To Stop Multitasking

You may think you are accomplishing more but the truth will surprise you. During a conference call with the executive team of a client company, I decided to send an e-mail to another client. I know, I know. You think … Read More »

Attitude Adjustment

Flip The Switch In Your Head To Grow Your Revenues A well-meaning man I’ll call Joe wanted to leave his long-time employer and become his own boss. Joe had lots of ideas, in fact he had been writing them down … Read More »

Hot Tub Cash Machine

Business is everywhere—if you know where to look. When times are tough, the tough get … more business than most everyone else. And there is promotional products business everywhere, all around us. All day, all night, during business hours, when … Read More »

Flash Back

Does selling technology products scare you? Learn about the fastest-growing product sector and what flash memory has to do with it. With the economy still in recession, and advertising and marketing budgets the first to be cut, we all knew … Read More »

Major In Minor Things

Take a scholastic view of your business to help fuel your success. It’s time to get back to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic and become students of our own businesses. Let’s assume your business is a case study … Read More »

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