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New Members

New Members

PPB talks to Karl Ziegler of new PPAI supplier member Ruckus & Co., Inc. Read More »

New Member Spotlight – Victory KoreDry

PPB speaks to Marc Spitaleri, president of new PPAI member Victory KoreDry, a company focusing on apparel and other products for the water sports industry. Read More »

New Member Spotlight: Old Toledo Brands / Utility Pro High Visibility Apparel

Craftsman At Work David Rosenbluth Vice President, Sales & Marketing Old Toledo Brands/Utility Pro High Visibility Apparel PPAI #663241 UPIC: OTB01 How did your company get its start? The company got started in the workwear world. In a business that … Read More »

New Member Spotlight: ChargerLeash

A list of new PPAI members added in December 2015. Contact Sandy Mendoza at 972-358-3019 or SandyM@ppai.org with any changes. PPAI members can download a Word or Excel file complete with contact information at www.ppai.org. Find it under the Members/Members Only tab. Read More »

New Member Spotlight: Mascorro Leather

Spotlight on new member Mascorro Leather. Read More »

New Member Spotlight: Agraffes Innovation

We were a retail business, doing a lot of business on eBay and Amazon. We’d been in retail long enough to have a number of regular customers and in their feedback to us, they expressed a desire for customized products. That led us to learn more about the promotional products industry. Eventually, we reorganized our company structure and transferred our direction from business-to-consumer to business-to-business. Read More »


Prior to founding rockflowerpaper, I founded a men’s necktie company called Mulberry Neckwear. It grew to be a $50 million company at its peak and handled many licensed brands such as Kenneth Cole and J Garcia. We sold the company to Van Heusen, and I was looking for something else to do. Mulberry had a culture of being a design company, so I knew I wanted to create products that we could add design flair to. Read More »

Nirve Sports, Ltd.

The company was launched in 1999 by some former employees of GT Bicycles. At the time, the internet was coming up in the world, and consumers were beginning to do some of their shopping online. The original business model was to sell to consumers directly over the internet, rather than follow the traditional retail model of selling bikes through bike shops. Online sales didn’t grow as fast as we’d have liked, however, and we ultimately incorporated retail sales into our mix as well. Read More »

Windbrella Products Corp

I started Windbrella in my Long Island garage in 1998. From there, we moved to warehouse and office space and then, in 2001, down to Florida where we have our own 75,000-square-foot facility. We began with umbrellas, and while we’ve tried a few things since, that’s still our focus. We’ve earned patents and trademarks, made changes to the frame; we’ve done lots of tweaking that I think makes us a little different from the average umbrella company. I like to say we’re a Rolls Royce at a Chevy price. Read More »

FireSpring Printing

I started the company in my parents’ basement in 2007. At the time, we were a retail-line shop called TargetOmaha Marketing offering vehicle graphics, business cards—really, any sort of marketing for small businesses. It grew little by little. I took on a partner. We got some office and retail space. Read More »

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