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Code Of Contact

Infinitely enlarge imprint areas with quick response (QR) codes. Sound like a bold statement? Not really. QR codes can link a promotional product to mobile device functions such as a web browser, e-mail or phone. This allows the product recipient … Read More »

Merchandising With The Dead

The Grateful Dead offer many lessons on successfully merchandising with promotional products. I find that inspiration often comes from places you would never guess. The March issue of The Atlantic magazine (www.theatlantic.com) featured the article “Management Secrets of the Grateful … Read More »

Get Engaged

Does your marketing plan include social media? It should if you want to engage your audience. You hear about social media constantly, and maybe you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. But do you ever wonder what the … Read More »

I’ve Signed Up On LinkedIn. What’s Next?

Whether you want to find fresh ideas, a new job, more customers or just network to expand your universe, you’ll find it at LinkedIn.com. Chances are good that by now you’ve at least dipped your toe into the swirl at … Read More »

Mobile Marketing

Reaching Customers Where They Really Live Text message or mobile marketing as it’s also called is a new way to reach consumers via their cell phones using text messaging and related technologies. And, because it is permission based, it’s quite … Read More »

Four P’s, Four C’s And The Consumer Revolution

A revolution is happening in this country and others, and it will continue to spread through all developed nations and beyond. A definition of revolution that fits the situation is “a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and … Read More »

Page 5 of 512345
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