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High Tech Leads To High Touch

If you are planning to make a presentation to a large corporate prospect or you have been referred to a different department within a current client, one thing is for sure: Your contact is researching you on the web and … Read More »

Best Practices For Company Websites

Although most business owners realize the key role the internet plays in their success, many of their websites are not nearly as effective as they might be. Why? Because companies assume customers are familiar with their products when they’re not. … Read More »

Is Your Company’s Logo A Turnoff To Clients?

It’s happened to just about everyone. One day you look at your company’s website, promotional materials or business cards and think, “I’m so tired of the way our logo looks. We need something new.” But stop for a moment: Are … Read More »

Bewildered About Social Media? Start Here.

What’s the difference between a Facebook personal page, a company page and a group, and do you need all of them? Should you “friend” your customers? Can you really track a sales uptick back to your Facebook postings? From my … Read More »

Viral Marketing: Highly Contagious

The PPAI Expo 2011 began like most others, with meetings, dinners and show floor maps highlighted in yellow marker. While distributors were planning their routes through the maze of booth-lined aisles at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, I was planning … Read More »

Ahead Of The Curve

The world around us is changing, including the ways in which people interact with each other. Yet, in many ways, we are still selling the same way we always have. As distributors and suppliers we have become entrenched in thinking … Read More »

Online Clicks Can Add Up To Real Orders; Making Google AdWords Work For You

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted—and the trouble is I don’t know which half,” famously lamented 19th century retail pioneer John Wanamaker. Today, the marketing landscape has changed, but the challenge remains the same. How do you … Read More »

Up Your Game As A Distributor

Promotional products distributors have traditionally focused on the sale of imprinted products used in marketing and communications programs. But many of the most successful distributors take that up a notch as true promotional consultants—advisors who work with their clients to … Read More »

Code Of Contact

Infinitely enlarge imprint areas with quick response (QR) codes. Sound like a bold statement? Not really. QR codes can link a promotional product to mobile device functions such as a web browser, e-mail or phone. This allows the product recipient … Read More »

Merchandising With The Dead

The Grateful Dead offer many lessons on successfully merchandising with promotional products. I find that inspiration often comes from places you would never guess. The March issue of The Atlantic magazine (www.theatlantic.com) featured the article “Management Secrets of the Grateful … Read More »

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