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Smart Smartphone Etiquette

PPAI Editor Tina Berres Filipski’s Perspectives column in the July issue of PPB discussed etiquette surrounding smartphone use in the business environment. Read More »

The Strength Of Strong Brands

The April 28, 2015, issue of PPB Newslink reported on a study by customer research and planning firm Strativity that found that the frequency of consumers’ interactions with a brand is the strongest indicator of how loyal they are to it. Read More »

The Right Pricing Model Is Only Part Of The Equation

In the article “Pricing In The Promotional Products Industry” in the May 2015 PPB, Aaron Moscoe, CEO of distributor TPS Promotions & Incentives, shared his thoughts on various distributor pricing models and approaches in the industry. Moscoe’s article examined a number of different pricing models and their potential strengths and weaknesses. Read More »

The Value Of Knowing Your Company’s Value

The April issue of PPB featured a column by Jeffry Meyer, MAS, CEO of Certified Marketing Consultants, on benchmarking the value of an industry company. Meyer’s article looked not only at quantifying the current worth of a company but also on identifying its future earnings. Read More »

An ADvocate Program Success Story

Produced by PPAI and ASI, the ADvocate program is a speaker training and local marketing initiative designed to train promotional products professionals on how to make presentations to end buyers about the power of promotional products and how to demonstrate … Read More »

Conflicting Motivations Behind Promotional Products Criticism

On February 22, The Oklahoman editorial board published an op-ed on wasteful government spending on promotional products. PPAI responded in a letter to the newspaper, supporting responsible spending and the effective use of promotional products to promote essential government programs. Read More »

Recognizing What Makes Industry Shows Possible

Throughout the year, the promotional products industry is served by numerous trade shows, exhibitions and conferences produced by PPAI, regional associations, industry companies and other organizations. They inform, educate and build connections among practitioners in the field, and each event represents considerable work and creativity by volunteers and professionals alike. Read More »

Congratulations To PPAI Hall Of Fame Inductees

During the Chairman’s Leadership Dinner at The PPAI Expo 2015, the Association welcomed the 78th and 79th inductees into the PPAI Hall of Fame— Fran Ford, CAS, and Paul Kiewiet, MAS+, CIP, CPC. Ford and Kiewiet were honored for their dedication and leadership in the promotional products industry and their service to its people, companies and organizations. Read More »

Attendees, Exhibitors Share Praise For The PPAI Expo 2015

The PPAI Expo 2015, the world’s largest and longest-running promotional products trade show, brought together almost 20,000 people from across the U.S. and 38 countries. Since the show wrapped on January 15, PPAI has received outstanding reports from all those involved. A selection is included here. Read More »

“Swag” Has Its Critics, But It’s Here To Stay

In January, Lake Superior State University added “swag” to its 40th annual List of Banished Words from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness. For some in the promotional products industry, the word is painful to hear, but it’s difficult to discount its entrenched place in the field. Read More »

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