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The 2010 PPAI Hall Of Fame

Wingfield “Wing” Hughes, MAS, and Kurt Reckziegel make history as the 71st and 72nd inductees to the PPAI Hall of Fame. There’s no one way to define success—it’s different for every person. But when you work in the promotional products … Read More »

Unforgettable Exposure

New Study Shows Why Buyers Choose Promotional Products Try this experiment to educate your prospects: Give them a list of several media—including promotional products—and ask which one they think is the most effective in achieving long-term memorability at the cost … Read More »

Natural Born Leaders

PPAI’s Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to select PPAI members who consistently contribute their skills and expertise toward the betterment of the Association through either volunteer service or leadership. This year, the award goes to two men, Christopher Duffy, … Read More »

Found Money

Adding incentives to your product arsenal can help you sell deeper into current clients, reduce competition and boost your bottom line. Are you leaving money on the table when you walk out of a sales call? While you probably didn’t … Read More »

Environmental Lessons For Dummies

Suppliers throughout the industry are now using what some say is the ultimate eco-material. Called Utterlie, this remarkable substance claims to be the only safe, eco-friendly material in existence that can actually repair the ozone layer. Products made with Utterlie … Read More »

Raising The Bar On CSR

These days it’s common to visit a company’s website and read something about its commitment to corporate social responsibility. But what exactly does corporate social responsibility—CSR for short—mean anyway? For starters, it’s closely related to sustainability—another modern-day buzzword. In a … Read More »

Taking Risks

I’m a bit envious of risk-takers. You know—those people who live life on the edge and face consequences head on. I’m more conservative. Rather than taking a risk, I forecast what I have to lose, and then I usually talk … Read More »

We’re All In This Together

‘Green’ Governor Pressed to Stop Tefllon-Chemical’s ‘Toxic Trespass’ on BabiesLead Toxins Take a Global Round TripThomas & Friends Wooden Railway Toys RecalledChinese Manufacturer Used Lead Paint on 1.5 Million Toys, as Nation’s Recall Rate Troubles Safety Experts Gripping headlines—but do … Read More »

Sourcing Overseas

For offshore orders, distributors may think they can manage without a supplier partner. But the truth is they can’t afford not to. As a promotional consultant, you may have thought about taking one of your client’s orders directly to an … Read More »

Indecent Proposition

How to avoid the surprising sting of California’s Proposition 65, which is creating turmoil among suppliers, distributors and end buyers across the nation and hitting them where it hurts—in their wallets. PREAMBLE“Our company is an official licensee of products for … Read More »

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