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3D Printing At Your Fingertips

3D Printing At Your Fingertips

Brands debut in-store manufacturing services Read More »

Stick With Us

A PEMCO Insurance poll discovered 49 percent of drivers in northwestern states personalize their vehicles with group, club or sports decals. Read More »

Which Celebrity Designed These Travel Mugs?

UK-based charity Whatever It Takes raises money for poverty, environmental and children’s causes by partnering with the world’s famous to sell promotional items with their exclusive, custom designs. Can you tell Clooney’s doodles from Charlize’s script? Read More »

Bizwords: Price Coherence

noun: Paying the same price for a given product or service, whether buying it directly from its source or through an intermediary. Read More »

About That Business Model …

About That Business Model …

Trade shows intervene in the widespread use of “booth babes” Read More »

Five Minutes With Donna Novitsky, CEO Of Yiftee

Five Minutes With Donna Novitsky, CEO Of Yiftee

Yiftee is a high-tech way to target and track promotions, letting corporations and consumers quickly send thoughtful, unexpected gifts via email, text or Facebook. CEO Donna Novitsky calls it a 2.0 solution for anyone who gives gift cards, promotional products, coupons, … Read More »

What Your Browser Says About You

Employees who take the time to download alternative internet search browsers such as Firefox and Chrome typically turn out to be better, more loyal team members, according to Cornerstone On Demand. Read More »

Drum Something Up

Here’s a twist on product integration. To coincide with the release of their new record, all-female rock band Sleater-Kinney is selling limited-edition drumsticks signed by the band’s drummer, Janet Weiss. The drumsticks come with a free download of a drumless version of one of the songs on the album, so fans can play along at home. Read More »

That’s What We’ve Been Saying

That’s What We’ve Been Saying

Researchers marvel at the effectiveness of sensory marketing Read More »

Five Minutes With Stacy DeBroff, Founder & CEO, Influence Central

Five Minutes With Stacy DeBroff,  Founder & CEO, Influence Central

Stacy DeBroff is fluent in “Mom” speak. The former attorney has written three best-selling books on parenting and is a former brand spokesperson-turned-marketing consultant helping national brands reach the most-coveted influencer groups around—moms, Millennials and empty nesters, to name a … Read More »

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