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Closing Call Michael Moore

Growing up as son of long-time industry pro James G. Moore, Michael Moore knew he needed to find his own way first before joining the family business, supplier Bay State Specialty Co. After earning a B.S. degree in management from … Read More »

Close Up: Laura Forbes, MAS

Give her a new recipe and a good glass of wine and Laura Forbes, MAS, will feel right at home. This native Mississippian attended culinary school in Tuscany and loves delighting family and friends with her cooking. But her training … Read More »

Close Up: Matt Sprague

A hotel’s front desk, with its odd hours and sometimes even odder requests, is an ideal place to learn about customer service in its rawest state. Just ask Matt Sprague, president of supplier Logo Mats, Inc. (UPIC: MATLOGO9). After earning … Read More »

Close Up: Missy Kilpatrick, CAS

Missy Kilpatrick, CAS, has been involved in advertising and marketing from an early age: She was the Johnson & Johnson baby for television and print ads in the 1960s. But this Cal State University Northridge grad started her career in … Read More »

Close Up: Bob Levitt, MAS

Bob Levitt Believes In Balance …“In Life. In Love. In Work.” While earning his B.A. in marketing and advertising from San Diego State University in the early ’80s, Bob Levitt, MAS, was looking for a temporary job when he happened … Read More »

Close Up: Todd W. Singleton, CAS

Whether he’s riding the crest of a wave, skiing down a mountain or soaring earthward tethered only by a bungee cord, Todd W. Singleton, CAS, isn’t one to sit around and wait for adventure. After high school he found himself … Read More »

Close Up: Robin Quinn

After climbing the ranks in human resources and operations management with companies such as Kraft and Pepsico-Frito Lay, Robin Quinn ran her own consulting company for 18 years before joining Norwood six years ago this month as senior vice president, … Read More »

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