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Don’t Let Sleeves Slow You Down

While the industry was knee-deep in new products and networking events at The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nominee raged onward. Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum offered 100-percent cotton, U.S.-made gray vests embroidered with … Read More »

Nice Handiwork

Apparel that appears, at least in some small part, to be handcrafted made a big showing at January’s PPAI Expo. Suppliers debuted new decoration methods that mimic centuries-old techniques, and they also promoted tried-and-true embellishment styles as of-the-moment trends. Here’s … Read More »

Expo Boost

What will they think of next? Industry suppliers work hard all year to create new, meaningful and eye-catching apparel items to debut at the industry’s largest and longest-running tradeshow—The PPAI Expo. Wearables at this year’s show didn’t disappoint. From t-shirts … Read More »

Play Time

Today, polo shirts seem like a safe, conservative apparel option. And they’re so often associated with conservative, country club types that many may not realize they were a bit scandalous when French tennis champ Rene Lacoste introduced his self-designed polo … Read More »

Cold War

PPB presents a collection of inclement-weather wear as tough to penetrate as the ice on your sidewalk. When it comes to snow, wind, ice and rain, most people will grab whatever item is available to protect themselves from the elements. … Read More »

Ladies’ Day Out

The past decade has seen a marked increase in the amount of promotional apparel designed specifically with ladies in mind. No doubt this is due to shifts in consumer markets and the increasing spending power of women. Today, one billion … Read More »

Dear Sir

It’s been said that it takes mere seconds to determine if a woman is well dressed, but evaluating a man’s duds requires a lot more time and investigation. This is because menswear styles are based on minute details, varying only … Read More »

Cotton Report

Last year cotton prices hit the roof, causing inventory shortages, pricing difficulties and long production times. Distributors such as John Anton of Tempe, Arizona-based distributor Anton Sport, Inc. (UPIC: AntonSp) counteracted this trend by taking out a loan last January … Read More »

Room To Change

Jeff Scult, co-founder and president of San Francisco, California-based Golden Goods, talks about branding and bringing retail-style tees to the industry. “How did Golden Goods start? Truth be told, it happened by accident. In 2009, I attended an event hosted … Read More »

Tee Party

There is little wrong with the t-shirt. Easy, comfortable and infinitely wearable, it is, quite honestly, an example of near flawless design. Such an iconic design, though, makes creating one-of-a-kind, eye-catching tees a challenge for promotional products professionals. “Customers are … Read More »

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