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Didn’t get around to reading the books featured at this year’s Expo? Here’s a rundown that will get you up to speed. Pick up copies during The Expo at the PPAI Bookstore and Resource Center, Level 2 Lobby. The Book: … Read More »

Outdated Already?

Competitive micro-blogging sites are taking the Twitter model and raising the ante. If you’ve been bidding your time and waiting to see where the whole Twitter thing is going, the work laid out ahead of you is quickly growing. Companies … Read More »

Hulu Who?

The popularity of online video sites and homegrown entertainment is surging, and it’s creating a new pocket of promotional opportunity along with it. In the past, if you missed your favorite TV program all you had to do was go … Read More »

Fashion Rewind

Since the economic meltdown, corporate casual has been pushed aside in favor of more conservative, old-school work wear. Last year saw a lot of changes many attributed to the crumbling economy. Businesses shut down, homes went into foreclosure and an … Read More »

Inside A Start-Up

Cedar Crest Focuses On What It Does Best Many people believe when a door closes, a window opens. In the case of Cedar Crest Manufacturing (UPIC: CCM), that window opened wide enough to offer a new beginning for Doug Miskimen, … Read More »

Healthy ROI

The recipient of a 2009 PPAI Silver Pyramid Award (Employee Incentive Over $10) shares the story behind a winning promotion. Brand has become a buzz word. Companies invest considerable time, money and resources to define and refine their brand. They … Read More »


PPB Rates Six Flags, Gets Passed Along I just finished reading the November issue of PPB. I judge the quality of a trade publication by the number of flags I stick to the pages. These usually indicate articles that I … Read More »

When Consumers Are Polled, Our Medium Wins

Most people would agree that numbers don’t lie. That goes for everything from last quarter’s sales tally to the bathroom scale. And, fortunately, that’s great news for promotional products because the stats surfacing from two recent surveys—one of end buyers, … Read More »


January 3-5 The ASI Show!Advertising Specialty InstituteOrlando, Floridawww.asishow.com January 4-8 2010 Southern ShowcaseHouston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texaswww.LDKmarketing.com/SouthernShowcase January 4-8 Mid-America Showcase 2010Boston, Massachusetts; Long Island, New York; New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Marylandwww.showime.tc January 11-15 The … Read More »

People News

DISTRIBUTOR NEW HIRESAdventures in Advertising (UPIC: ADVINADV)— Jim Doherty, Scott Holm, Carrie Kendall, Jeffrey Olsen and Bill Vreeland, owner affiliates PromoShop, Inc. (UPIC: pro)— Brooke Paulson and Kathy Paulson, sales executives Touchstone Merchandise Group, LLC (UPIC: touchstn)—Roberta Lash, senior account … Read More »

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