Performance Recognition Takes Top Spot In Incentive Travel Survey


Results from the 2013 Travel IQ survey, conducted by Incentive magazine, show that incentive travel programs’ top benefits are recognizing performance (62.1 percent), increasing sales (57.8 percent), building morale (50 percent), improving employee loyalty (42.2 percent) and fostering teamwork (32.8 percent).

The 2013 survey’s results are similar to those seen in the 2012 study. Differences of note include: sales increases took the top spot last year, and retention and recruitment of employees fell out of the top five in 2013.

Florida remains the most popular domestic destination for incentive travel programs, at 45.6 percent. Hawaii comes second at 34.1 percent, and California is third at 32.3 percent.

The study’s whitepaper goes into further detail on findings, including activity preferences and popular information sources.

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