Joel Zeff To Lead Keynote & Cocktails At Expo East


Expo East keynote speaker Joel Zeff leads the audience during one of his presentations.

Next month’s Expo East will feature a new event, Keynote & Cocktails, for attendees. Held on May 21 from 4 to 6 pm, the session will feature a presentation from business speaker, author and humorist Joel Zeff on the importance of cultivating a sense of fun in the workplace and the value it can bring to an organization.

Zeff, whose career began in journalism and public relations, has built a corporate speaking career incorporating humor into his presentations on collaboration, productivity, passion and innovation in today’s business environment. His keynote at Expo East, “The Tao of Ta-Da,” will look at what happens when work becomes play, and the more loyal, enthusiastic and passionate workforce it produces.

Recently, PPB Newslink spoke with Zeff about his keynote and what his audience at Expo East can expect.

PPB Newslink: How does the message behind your keynote apply to professionals working in the promotional products industry?

Joel Zeff: I want attendees at my presentation to laugh so hard their cheeks hurt. When you laugh, have fun and play, it is easier to learn. And through that fun and laughter, attendees will discover a few choices to help achieve more success. We learn the value of positive support; how to have the right attitude toward change; how to stay in the game; and how to help the people around you be more successful. We have to create the right foundation for success. For me, that foundation is opportunity and positive support. When you put those two things together, it is amazing what people can accomplish. And that is for every industry.

PPB: How can your audience apply what they learn during your keynote to their work once they return home?

Zeff: Everything is a choice. You have responsibility and ownership for your success and happiness. I hope attendees will wipe the tears of laughter away, and realize that the choices I discussed are natural and easy. For instance, when I talk about change, we discuss making three choices: Be prepared for change, focus and pay attention, and be open and flexible. When volunteers come on stage to play an improvisation game with me, they have to make those choices. They are the same choices we have to make in business. We just have to adjust our attitude.

PPB: If your audience only took away one thing from your presentation, what would you want it to be?

Zeff: Have fun. Be passionate about what you do. Be passionate about your customers and colleagues. When we have fun and celebrate each other’s success, we are happier, more productive and more effective.

Expo East’s Keynote & Cocktails will be held on Level 4, Room 402 of the Atlantic City Convention Center. The event is free to members and to nonmembers of PPAI with an Expo East registration ticket. To register today for Expo East, click here.

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