Commonsku Launches Free Industry Social Platform


Industry services company Commonsku (UPIC: C552077) has launched a free version of its social collaboration tool. Suppliers, distributors and industry associations can create their industry profile and company network by entering their work email address at Commonsku’s goal with this part of their platform is to foster open dialog across the supply chain.

The social features of the platform allow users to connect with other professionals and share information within a promotional industry-specific social network. Users can utilize the network to generate ideas, ask questions, collaborate on projects, and share information. In addition, it provides the ability to build and strengthen relationships across the supply chain.

“Our goal with commonsku was to create an open and more transparent supply chain,” says CEO Mark Graham. “The platform accomplishes this by applying the principles of social media to the enterprise so people can interact in real time within their companies and across the supply chain.”

2 Responses to Commonsku Launches Free Industry Social Platform

  1. Daniel Pigott says:

    What a tremendous idea! I look forward to using the new platform. Plus, free happens to be my favorite price.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out PPB!

    Daniel, can’t wait to meet you on the platform…look me up. 🙂

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