Alliance Rubber Joins In Support Of The COOL Act


Alliance Rubber Company is collaborating with the Made In the USA Foundation to defend the U.S. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) Act. The Hot Springs, Arkansas-based supplier participates in the promotional products industry under the Ad Bands (UPIC: ALLI0001) brand.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that the COOL Act, which requires that grocery stores across the United States tell consumers where their meat, fish, chicken and produce originate, discriminated against imported beef.

Bonnie Swayze, president of Alliance Rubber Company, says: “We’ll be working to support the Made In USA Foundation in their efforts to overturn the WTO’s ruling. This legislation is significant for the U.S. consumer as it impacts the quality and safety of what is purchased and consumed at home.”

A survey of U.S. consumers by the Made In The USA Foundation found that 90 percent were in favor of the COOL Act.

“The WTO does not have the right to interfere with domestic laws of the United States,” says Joel D. Joseph, general counsel of the Made in the USA Foundation. “When the U.S. joined the WTO, it agreed to do it solely if the WTO could not overrule U.S. law. This law does not discriminate against any country, it merely requires labeling. Consumers have a right to decide whether to buy U.S. or imported meat, and accurate labeling is a consumer right.”

To learn more about the Made in the USA Foundation and the “COOL“ Act, please visit

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