U.S. Budget Bill Signed Into Law

The U.S. Congress passed federal budget legislation on Friday, and President Trump signed the bill into law. The law provides funding for federal programs for fiscal years 2018 and 2019. The new federal budget raises federal spending caps and makes way for a $165 billion boost in military spending, as well as a $131 billion increase in nondefense spending.

“As a trade association, we support federal budgets that create economic opportunities and provide support to small businesses,” says Brittany David, CAS, vice president of sales at supplier SnugZ USA and chair of the PPAI Government Relations Advisory Council (GRAC). “It is helpful that we have the certainty of a conventional budget instead of the constant unpredictability of going from one continuing resolution to the next. With the infrastructure investments in the federal budget, there may be enhanced opportunities for our members’ clients to invest in marketing and branding solutions.”

The law also provides $20 billion over two years for infrastructure improvements, and nearly $6 billion over two years for child care. Some of the other provisions in the newly signed budget legislation include $2 billion in research funding for the National Institutes of Health, $7 billion to fund community health centers and $6 billion to combat opioid addiction and other substance abuse epidemics.

David adds, “I’m looking forward to our upcoming Legislative Education and Action Day in Washington, D.C., so that I, along with 80 or so of my industry colleagues, can share our industry priorities and concerns directly with our members of Congress—and I am hopeful that they will keep the interests and priorities of our industry top of mind.”

PPAI members and staff will meet with legislators on Capitol Hill May 16-17 during the annual L.E.A.D. event.

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