Product Safety Aware Status Renewals Beginning To Come Due

Renewals are coming due for the inaugural participants in PPAI’s Product Safety Awareness (PSA) Program, an initiative that has fostered an industry-wide commitment and culture where companies are not only aware of product safety but engaged in the discussion.

Introduced during The PPAI Expo 2014 General Session and effective as of Expo East 2015, the PSA program requires every company wanting to gain access to the PPAI marketplace—as a sponsor, advertiser, trade-show exhibitor, etc.—regardless of membership category, to complete a minimum of four hours of product safety education.

Renewal of PSA status, acquired through continuing education, is required every two years. To renew, a roster employee designated to serve as a company’s Product Safety Ambassador has to complete two hours of product safety education over the past two years. There is no application or fee to renew.

Free PSA courses can be accessed through PPAI’s online webinar platform. All courses under Corporate Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility, Product Responsibility and Product Safety Awareness Required Courses qualify as PSA approved courses. Once the webinar has been completed, PSA Ambassadors need to fill out the survey to get credit for the course. Once the survey is complete, the course credit will be added to their PPAI transcript.

PSA Ambassadors can log into the site using their PPAI email address and PPAI password. If they do not know their password, they will need to contact their Member Care representative or 888-426-7724 x 3218 (M-F 8:30 am - 5 pm CT).

For more information on the PSA Program, click here.

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