PPAI President/CEO To Step Down In 2021

PPAI President and CEO Paul Bellantone, CAE, will conclude his employment with the Association at the end of March 2021, marking the end of more than 20 years of service.

“The past 20-plus years have been nothing short of extraordinary,” Bellantone says. “This decision was not easy, but I am confident knowing that our strong staff and dedicated Board of Directors have PPAI in a solid position to move forward to protect, grow and engage the promotional products industry.” Bellantone notified the Board in late October of his intention to conclude his tenure before his next contract extension, which was set to begin on April 1, 2021.

PPAI Board Chair Ira Neaman, MAS, says, “The Board and countless others in the industry are so grateful for Paul’s many years of leadership and dedication to serve and engage the industry. Under his leadership, PPAI has grown and evolved into one of the most respected associations worldwide. I am truly thankful for all Paul has done for PPAI, including instilling a strong ‘confidence to evolve’ mentality among the PPAI Board, staff and volunteer corps.”

Executive Vice President Robert (Bob) McLean, Jr., CPA, CAE, CEM, says, “Paul has been an inspirational leader and advocate of the PPAI community and the industry. Due to his tireless leadership and team building, our staff and volunteer leaders are well-positioned for this change and to continue to move the Association forward.”

Bellantone adds, “It has been a pleasure to serve the Association and I am tremendously appreciative of the opportunities I have been given and for the relationships I have built during my time with PPAI. It is no secret that this has been a challenging year for many, both personally and professionally. But with such challenges come opportunities to evolve and thrive. That’s why I believe this is not only the right time for me, but the best time for PPAI.”

PPAI’s mission to grow, protect, inform and engage its members and the industry remains foremost. Coupled with a focused and strategic continuity plan, the Board and leadership staff will work closely with Bellantone over the coming months to evaluate internal and external market conditions against the needs of the members, industry and the Association. These efforts will ensure a smooth transition that will drive meaningful value and the long-term success of the Association.

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Diane Crimmins
November 30, 2020
Paul - Wow, I can't believe the time has come for you to move on to bigger & better. Thank you so much for your service and support and your friendship over the past 20+ years. I will miss you! I wish you the very best in the next chapter of your life. Please let me know if you ever find yourself in Minneapolis, MN!
November 19, 2020
Paul, Your leadership will be hard to replace. Sad you're leaving. Good luck in your next professional adventure. Sincerely, Steve Leachmen, MAS, Express Press Plus
Catherine Kruse
November 19, 2020
Paul - Like many others, I can’t imagine our industry without you at PPAI. It has been a true pleasure watching the transformation and growth of the association under your leadership. We have all benefitted from your tireless efforts to develop and provide continued education, and advocate for our industry. What a legacy! With admiration and appreciation ~ Catherine Kruse
John Michael Hudicka
November 18, 2020
Farewell, Paul Bellantone... John Michael Hudicka Health and Wellness Ambassador/Advocate
Phil Sibinski
November 18, 2020
Paul. We have been good friends since your start at PPAI. Words fail me to describe your dedicated and inspired career. We will miss you greatly. I wish you much joy and success in whatever the future holds for you. Let's stay in touch my friend. Phil Sibinski
Cheryl Becker
November 18, 2020
Hi Paul, Thank you so much for your leadership and help while I was on the board. You will be missed by so many! Please stay in touch and enjoy your next adventure! Until we meet again! Cheryl
Tami Wainscott
November 18, 2020
You are and have always been an amazing asset to the Promotional Products Industry, Paul ~ you will be missed. Thank you for your service and dedication to all Promotional Products Professionals, my friend. Take Care and All the best to you and your family in your new chapter.
Beverly Poitras
November 17, 2020
After 20 years of never missing a beat, I hope you hear the drum-roll as you leave the podium!
November 17, 2020
Sad to see you leave! Definitely going to miss seeing you at the EXPO every year. Good luck in whatever you choose to do next. Mike - VIP Printing & Promotions
Doug Cox
November 17, 2020
I never personally met you Paul but now I'm sad that I didn't make an effort to do so. Your involvement with creating one of the best relationships ever with PPAI/SAGE was an outstanding venture. So many distributors have benefitted from being able to belong to two of the best groups in our industry. My son is with SAGE, and he has told me often that your ability to build friendships and relationships is just the best ever. Whatever it is that may be in your future, may God bless it greatly !
Rod Parker
November 17, 2020
O my. I was truly sad to hear this. THANK YOU so much for all your years of service, and for being a class act with everyone you came in contact with. You have had a calming and an encouraging impact with all of us over the years. I had a few conversations with you over the years at Vegas show or email and you always made me feel like we were the most important person in the room. You have been a true gift to our industry over the last 20 years. You will truly be missed and I wish you the best in your future adventures. THANK YOU.
Nancy Gosewisch, MAS
November 17, 2020
Paul, I echo so many others ... you brought a touch of class to every conversation and project; you brought awareness to PPAI throughout the world through your hard work and compassion; you will be sorely missed. My initial reaction was sadness, but that was simply selfish for myself and PPAI members, but I am happy for what comes next for you. God bless you.
Jeff Solomon, MAS
November 17, 2020
Paul, your tireless service to the industry has been appreciated. I wish you all the best in what lies ahead. You will be GREATLY missed!
Ian B Miller
November 17, 2020
Paul has beet a treasure for PPAI His departure will leave leave us all missing his leadership, his friendship and extraordinary abilities Those very big shoes will be hard to fill. He will be sorely missed. I as I am sure everyone here wish you great luck in where ever life's journey takes you next
Amanda Hueneke
November 17, 2020
Wow! What an impact you've made on our industry. I always felt good knowing that you were at the helm advocating for our industry. Thanks for all you've done- best of luck in the years to come.
Vince Terracina
November 17, 2020
Paul's contributions to our industry will not be quickly forgotten. He's been a tremendous leader over his term, and all PPAI members are indebted to his contributions and direction. Fortunately, our industry contains some tremendous professionals who will perhaps take over the role - although there will always be a an irreplaceable element with Paul's departure.
Brian Grall
November 17, 2020
Thank you, Paul. Your years of service are appreciated. And your determined dedication is even more appreciated. Thanks for nurturing a culture in our industry towards steady improvement, both in the short term and long term, with our distributor and supplier members, for the benefit of all of our clients, as well as the many stakeholders involved with our multi-leveled and global distribution channel. Best wishes to you for whatever is next. Brian Grall, LogoMyBiz.com
Travis Young
November 17, 2020
Thanks for all you've done Paul. I appreciate those early years of associating with you and your assistance with our great business growth. See you soon in Idaho!
David R. Lever, MAS
November 17, 2020
Wow Paul, What a great run it has been! PPAI has grown and thrived under your guidance and leadership - you will be missed. All the best in your next chapter. David R. Lever, MAS - OTTO Cap
Paul Kory
November 17, 2020
Paul, Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to this industry and the countless hours you put into making PPAI what it is today. You will be missed by many, but I am excited for you and look forward to hearing about next business venture!
Gary Marvin
November 17, 2020
Thank You. Your leadership will surely be missed. May your next step in life be blessed and fulfilling.
Ronald Robinson
November 17, 2020
Paul, Thanks for all you have done for the PPAI organization. It's been wonderful getting to know you over the years. American Solutions for Business and our Sales Reps will miss you. Good luck on new adventures!
Jim Franklyn
November 17, 2020
Paul, you have been an inspiration to many, and helped many more forward in their careers. Wishing you the very best in the next chapter of your life!
Peter Farman
November 17, 2020
Paul- You are a class act and leave behind an association that is more relevant now than when you arrived. We all owe you a debt of gratitude!
Paul Gualtieri, MAS
November 17, 2020
WOW! Paul, wishing you all the best in whatever you do after April. For now, please keep doing what you do! You have had a positive impact on our industry and it has been a pleasure and an honor to get to know you. You will be missed!!
Todd Singleton
November 17, 2020
Paul - thank you for all your amazing leadership and direction for 20 years (WOW). As a result of your efforts PPAI is certainly poised for the future. Thank YOU for your dedication and service to transform PPAI to a global marketplace for promotional products. Keep it on an A - and enjoy your next....
Ginny Semrow
November 17, 2020
Paul, Thank you for the excellent service to PPAI. You will be sorely missed. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors. American Ad Bag
Stanley Appleman
November 17, 2020
As Scooby-Doo would say ... Ruh-Roh ! Paul, you have been the steady rock that has guided our industry on its' true north heading. Always learning from our past in order to help design and maintain the relevance of our future. It's been an inspiration to watch you take a stage and command the respect of an industry that has so many moving parts, all changing at different speeds. You will be missed in so many ways. I have always looked forward to witness your calm nature and strength year after year. These will be big shoes to fill. I wish you and your family the best that life can bring you. Thank you Mr. President.
Sandra Kelley
November 17, 2020
Paul, thank you for over 20 years of service to this industry we all love. You have been a great CEO and champion for the industry. You also are the most accessible CEO I've ever interacted with and that says a lot about your character and you desire to really serve. You will be missed! I pray that whatever is in your future will be a massive success and that you will never forget what a great asset you were to the Promotional Products Industry!
Grant Russell
November 17, 2020
One of our industry classiest guys. Will miss your valuable input. Best wishes in your future plans. Stay well. Grant Russell Russell Agencies
Sue Tobias
November 17, 2020
I just read the news in the PPAI newsletter. What a surprise. Our industry got the best of the best when you joined us. Good luck in your future endeavors. I will miss seeing your face and reading your great articles.
Michele Jennrich
November 17, 2020
Paul, very sad news for all but I can only thank you for your leadership and friendship through the years, I wish only the best for you and your family going forward, you were certainly be missed.
Seth Weiner
November 17, 2020
Paul - best wishes. Thanks for your service and partnership.
Avery Manko
November 17, 2020
Thank you for your service, Paul. I enjoyed our conversations and I always learned something from them. I hope the next chapter of your life is filled with much joy and fulfillment.
Cliff Quicksell, MAS+
November 17, 2020
BAM! WOW! BAM!, again! I just feel like I was run over! Paul I echo what Ira and Bob said, you my friend will be sorely missed! I for one will be very sorry to see you leave; but I know you're the type of man who does not make rash "ready, shoot, aim" decisions, and this decision was undoubtedly made for you and your families best interest. With that said, the association was certainly made better under your guidance and direction. I know I gained so much from you over the years. Wishing you Godspeed in ALL your future endeavors! Don't forget us! My very best to you my friend - Cliff Quicksell, MAS+
Jo-an Lantz
November 17, 2020
Paul, I cannot imagine the association without you. You will leave a huge void when you are gone. Thank you so much for your friendship, service, and support these last two decades. I wish you the very best as you enter new horizons. Keep us posted!
Cheryl Hokanson
November 17, 2020
I am saddened to hear this but also excited for your next chapter. I am certainly grateful for the positive, effective leadership you have provided us and will miss your smiling face! All the best to you!
Joe Durand
November 17, 2020
Thank you for your service Paul. I'm sure the next phase in your career will be rewarding in personal satisfaction. You helped move our association forward and your professionalism has been admirable. All the best to you. Sincerely, Joe Durand, LarLu
Dan Reading
November 17, 2020
Paul, Thanks for the many years of service to PPAI and the industry. We are sad to see you go, but wish you nothing but the best! In the Bag Promotions-Boise, Idaho
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