PPAI has started communicating to members with regards to the potential of an Association Health Plan (AHP), which would allow members to band together to create economies of scale and reduce administrative costs along with the opportunity to lower premiums. PPAI is working with Mercer, a national subsidiary of insurance professionals Marsh and McLennan, to investigate a group health plan for its qualified members. Mercer will be providing guidance and assistance in establishing an association health plan.

The first step in the process is to collect certain information from PPAI members, which will be used exclusively for evaluating the feasibility of an association health plan offering for PPAI’s members. If the Association’s investigation of AHPs determines that a plan is feasible, the information provided will be used to obtain health care and benefits proposals from select insurance carriers. Submitted information remains strictly confidential and will not be shared with any PPAI members or PPAI staff.

A comprehensive response from PPAI members is needed to accurately gauge the possibility of offering an association health plan. Providing this information does not obligate anyone to participate if this were to result in the development of a plan.

To participate in the census and for more information, contact PPAI Affinity Program Associate Manager Kari A. Banner at KariB@ppai.org or call the Association at 888-I-AM-PPAI (426-7724).

At the conclusion of the census, PPAI will update members on its progress and the required next steps. If you have questions regarding the submission of data, contact the Association’s designated help desk at mercer@ppai.org.