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The warm glow and soft scent of a candle make any space more inviting. Brands that add their name to a candle are instantly associated with a cozy, homey feeling, and that revelation is part of the reason Hanna’s Candle Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is celebrating 30 years in business.

“Hanna’s is one of the largest candle/home fragrance companies in the U.S.,” says Joe Williams, vice president of the supplier company. “Our products are made right here in our facility, which encompasses about 350,000 square feet.”

The manufacturer also boasts an in-house laboratory that focuses on testing, formulation and research to produce the highest-quality candles possible. “Hanna’s is known for making a great value product and selling at a competitive price and shipping in a timely manner,” says Jake Hanna, promotional sales manager and son of co-owner Burt Hanna.

Eighty percent of the raw material used in production is domestically sourced, and the supplier’s finished products include wax melts, tealights, jel candles, diffusers, pillars, votives and tapers—in addition to its popular jar candles—made from paraffin, soy and palm waxes. To accommodate the production of so many items, an in-house machine shop builds most of the company’s equipment. Hanna adds, “Our melt line produces 70 2.5-ounce melts per minute. Our candle lines can run 1,500 to 3,500 pieces per hour based on the size of the vessel being poured.”

About Hanna's Candles

Founding Date



Burt and Thad Hanna

Number of employees


Types of equipment

Liquid pour lines; jel pour lines; votive, taper and pillar presses; melt lines and extruders Notable Achievements

Founder Burt Hanna is a 2011 recipient of the National Candle Association Hall of Fame Award for Special Achievement

Read on to see how candles are poured from start to finish at Hanna’s Candles.

Hanna’s Candles has its own testing facility on-site to ensure its products meet the highest standards.

String is coated in melted wax before being cut to length for use as candle wicks.

Liquid wax is poured into dozens of jars each minute.

Finishing touches include
placing lids on jars, applying
custom labels and checking the placement of usage labels on the bottoms of the jars.

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