PPB: What’s your secret to creating a workplace where employees are happy and thriving?

Kent McKeaigg, Founder and CEO, Order My Gear
"As we continue trying to grow as a company in providing a happy and thriving workforce, I think there are three things we try to keep top of mind. The first is that we are never there. Employee growth and development is a moving target and we always need to be thinking of how to improve it in creative, effective ways. The second is to spend time empathetically putting them first. Obviously, putting customers as a top priority enables you to have employees and must be a focus, but we try to brainstorm by putting them first, then combine those ideas with the other necessary priorities of the company. Lastly, we are learning more and more, that our people are our greatest asset. They are the extension of our soul and brand. We must look at them as our most profitable investment, not our greatest expense."