PPAI’s PromoPolls are a series of quick, informal, twice-weekly polls published in every issue of PPB Newslink that capture the promotional product industry’s opinions on a wide range of relevant topics.

Several of PromoPolls’ recent questions to industry members quizzed them on how they were operating their businesses during the pandemic. Among their insights are:

  • For 26 percent of respondents, personalized emails have been the most successful sales/prospecting tactic at this time, although phone calls (24 percent) run a close second.
  • Ninety-six percent of distributors’ largest clients are now open, and 78 percent of them are buying again.
  • More than half (57 percent) of respondents say their productivity levels have changed during the pandemic and they’re evenly split in saying they’ve become more and less productive.

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James Khattak is news editor of PPB.