Inside PPAI: Department Spotlight: PPAI Publications

This is the 13th and final installment in a year-long series of department profiles to help readers learn more about the PPAI staff members who serve them.

The Publications Department produces four of PPAI’s print and digital communications including its award-winning flagship monthly PPB magazine, the award-winning e-newsletter PPB Newslink, the popular daily e-blast Promotional Consultant Today and the new PromoTalks podcast. Follow us on Instagram @PPBMagazine and on Twitter @PPAIPubs. The department’s goal is to provide indispensable industry news, accurate information and thought-provoking content delivered through a variety of vehicles to help suppliers and distributors expand their skills as promotional professionals and operate growing, successful companies.

Tina Berres Filipski
Director of Publications/Editor
“I enjoy almost every kind of music from rock, pop and country to jazz, blues, big band, classical and opera. When it’s performed live and outdoors, that’s even better.”

James Khattak
News Editor
“I’d been to six of the seven continents before I was three years old. Unfortunately, I remember none of it.” 

Danielle Renda
Associate Editor
“I look forward to Halloween year-round. My favorite movie will forever be Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Xmas and my personal library is stocked with horrors, psychological thrillers and true crime novels. I’m planning to start taking an annual trip in the fall, where I visit a new location with a historical, “spooky” background every year. First stop—the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum. (Suggestions welcome!)”

Kristina Valdez
Associate Editor
“Coming home from my first PPAI Expo, I ran into and got a picture with the rapper Common at DFW International Airport!”  


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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