February 2021: Feedback

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On December 23, Promotional Consultant Today shared a few tips from speaker and bestselling author Nancy Solari on finding joy, no matter the circumstances.

Great ideas and advice. When it comes right down to it, the COVID slowdown can be a real blessing. Other than the economic strain on those barely getting by, I find it an opportunity to reflect on the short journey life offers. Before COVID, there were over 400 flights in the air just over the U.S. People were burning over 20.5 million barrels of oil each day racing around at a frantic pace, chasing this and that while rarely looking left or right to even notice anyone else.

I notice people actually going the speed limit and slowing down the pace. When the chips are down, it seems people are more appreciative of what we do have and more willing to notice others in their similar plight. To stand in a field doing nothing allows one to realize and be thankful for all the blessings we do have. The warm sun on our face, the soft breeze, sound of the birds, a cool glass of water to satisfy thirst and so many other sensual pleasures. Hold your breath a while and ask yourself: what is that next breath worth to me? Life in itself is terrific and a beautiful gift. We have so much to appreciate. When we become sad because things aren’t quite “what they were,” it means that all we had before was not quite enough. Wanting stuff we do not have is another way of saying we are not satisfied with what we had before. We did not value it as good enough.

I look forward to a bright New Year ahead with peace, warmth and kindness for those who appreciate it.

Bob Baker
Admark Promotional Marketing
Lockport, New York
PPAI 276919, D1


The November issue of PPB shared a distributor’s request to suppliers, asking them would make their job easier and what could distributors do to help make it easier.

I find it helps when distributors, who know their client’s budget and timeline, allow us and our talented designers to present a design that will convey their customer’s message in the most powerful way, with colors and materials that work best for their projects.

Aileen Ibarzabal
ales & Customer Service Manager
C. Sanders Emblems
Santa Clarita, California
PPAI 440381, S8


In its December issue, PPB shared the story of Karesa Wells, president and CEO of distributor Cross Country Specialty Advertising, and how she built her company after transitioning away from a career in nursing.

Karesa, your story is truly an inspiration. I started my career with teaching and then moved on to working in marketing and events in Mumbai, India. While working at a financial planning firm, I remember making cold calls and building relationships. It’s amazing how one connection can turn a cold call into a client. I genuinely believe that building a relationship is the foundation of anything. I moved to the USA and had to start my career at entry level. I am not anywhere close to where you are in your career, but this gives me hope. 

Nikita Merchant
Los Angeles, California

Nikita, thank you for your kind comments. So glad that this inspired you. Keep working hard. Set a few small goals and dive into them. This is a wonderful industry to be in, so welcoming! It’s all about client relationships and lots of hard work. Reaching out to others in the industry is key. I wish you the best of luck.

Karesa Wells
President and CEO
Cross Country Specialty Advertising
Blanchard, Oklahoma
PPAI 724800, D3 


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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