PPB: What’s your secret to creating a workplace where employees are happy and thriving?

Cole Stark, President, Gator Garb Promotions
“Our culture at Gator Garb is built around a TEAM approach—no one person is more important than another. We understand that we [as employees] are the core strength of this business and that we must have respect and trust in one another. With this, each of us are able to take special care of each of our clients every step of the way.

“Each day is a new day and there is always something to learn in this industry; with that we rely on each other to learn, teach and grow as individuals and as a company. This is practiced in every avenue of our business and gives each employee the ability to share in the creativity part of the company, which gives our sales team the capability to lean on the TEAM at GGP to come up with unique products.

“Lastly, if you come to Gator Garb, I guarantee you will have some laughs. We all take our jobs very seriously, but why not laugh while along the way?”