August 2019: Feedback


In the May issue, Ben Baker, a former distributor in Richmond, British Columbia, author of Powerful Personal Brands: A Hands-On Guide To Understanding Yours and host of the IHEART Radio syndicated show “,” wrote a Viewpoint about how promotional products professionals can be better stewards for the industry by being better partners with clients.

Well said, Ben. One of the problems I see is inaction. So many are waiting to see what others do. They ask themselves: Are my competitors auditing? Are my competitors certified or accredited? Are my customers asking me about brand protection? And the list goes on. At the same time, many talk a good game about their efforts to be “different” to offer “value.” Unfortunately, this line of thinking keeps our industry from moving forward and places everyone at risk.

Real leaders take the bull by the horns and lead. They go above and beyond the expected norms and set the standards for behavior by their actions. It’s more than just asking for data ... it’s about demanding proof of where the data comes from and how it was verified. And, this does not just mean testing documents. This industry has a real problem with being able to demonstrate accountability through their factories when it comes to social responsibility—human rights, labor laws, etc.

An industry social group was discussing this topic just this past week. I second your challenge. It’s time for action. The time for talking and playing wait-and-see has passed.

Tim Brown, MAS
Executive Director of Operations
ality Certification Alliance
West Chester, Ohio

PPAI 438711


True words that tell what is happening in our industry and what you need to do to grow your mind and business. Ben, you are right on point. If people don’t take action now, they will all be gone!

Marvin Baida, MAS
Consultant PromoRep, Inc.
Brea, California


In June, the magazine’s Eye On Apparel section took a look at products, trends and best practices for marketing to kids.

I’m convinced this is what built McDonald’s success with the McHappy Meal, marketing to kids first because we love to see our kids happy! I love the idea of doing “eco-friendly” to instill great habits, but “mommy ’n me” outfits are definitely trending. Thanks for the insights and trend report!

Jae Rang, MAS
Principal JAE Associates, Ltd.
Oakville, Ontario
PPAI 561178


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