When live shows do return, what protection standards do you expect regarding face masks?

Poll posted on 7/14/2020

When will distributors be ready for in-person sales calls from suppliers?

Poll posted on 7/9/2020

If the coronavirus infection rate is no better but no worse than the current situation would you attend The PPAI EXPO in January 2021?

Yes, definitely
30 votes (30)
Not sure yet
41 votes (41)
Definitely not
83 votes (83)
Poll posted on 7/7/2020

What percent of your previous face-to-face sales calls are now being held on Zoom or another virtual conference platform?

Less than 50 percent
19 votes (19)
About 50 percent
10 votes (10)
More than 50 percent
57 votes (57)
34 votes (34)
Poll posted on 7/2/2020

How interested are you in participating (either as an attendee or an exhibitor) in a digital trade show?

Very interested
37 votes (37)
Somewhat interested
27 votes (27)
Not at all interested
21 votes (21)
Poll posted on 6/25/2020

What percentage of your sales have shifted to personal protective equipment (face masks, medical gowns, face shields, etc.)?

At least 50%
20 votes (20)
About 30%
19 votes (19)
About 10%
8 votes (8)
Less than 10% or none
48 votes (48)
Poll posted on 6/23/2020

If your employees have been working from home, are you considering allowing them to continue on a semi-permanent basis instead of returning to the office?

21 votes (21)
Yes, for certain positions
22 votes (22)
15 votes (15)
Poll posted on 6/18/2020

How has working from home affected your personal productivity?

My productivity has increased
22 votes (22)
My productivity has decreased
14 votes (14)
I haven’t noticed any change
25 votes (25)
Poll posted on 6/16/2020

Have you taken advantage of any government support programs?

27 votes (27)
19 votes (19)
Not yet, but planning to do so
0 votes (0)
Poll posted on 6/11/2020

Which one of these positive changes for your company has emerged from the pandemic and ensuing shutdown?

It revealed new talent and new leaders within my company
2 votes (2)
It made my company re-think and improve our marketing and company image
11 votes (11)
It made my company re-think the way our office and staff are organized
6 votes (6)
It made the company repurpose and change the type of product(s) we offer
7 votes (7)
I have not seen any positive changes in my company since the shutdown.
11 votes (11)
Poll posted on 6/9/2020

Have you had to make any staffing changes as a result of the pandemic?

Yes, some employee layoffs
20 votes (20)
Yes, some employee furloughs
8 votes (8)
Not yet, but layoffs or furloughs are still likely
5 votes (5)
None at all
12 votes (12)
Poll posted on 6/4/2020

When do you see your sales returning to pre-lockdown levels?

Q1 2021
21 votes (21)
Q2 2021
34 votes (34)
Q3 2021
31 votes (31)
Later than Q3 2021
28 votes (28)
Poll posted on 6/2/2020

When will you feel safe to travel by air?

71 votes (71)
14 votes (14)
16 votes (16)
Not sure
98 votes (98)
Poll posted on 5/28/2020

Which, if any, would affect your attendance at a trade show?

Crowds on the show floor
130 votes (130)
Cleanliness of convention center and hotel
28 votes (28)
Flights and car services in the show city
38 votes (38)
None of these
46 votes (46)
Poll posted on 5/26/2020

When do you think you’ll be comfortable going to a trade show?

146 votes (146)
22 votes (22)
103 votes (103)
Not sure
188 votes (188)
Poll posted on 5/21/2020

Where do you think we are on the timeline of COVID-19’s impact on our industry?

Still in the beginning
141 votes (141)
In the middle
188 votes (188)
We've hit the bottom and are close to starting to climb out of it
109 votes (109)
Not sure
28 votes (28)
Poll posted on 5/19/2020